The Zújar Spa Resort, as its own name points out, is located in the municipality of Zújar, which is located in Baza region, in Granada province. Build on the hillside of the famous Jabalcón hill and by the shore of the Negratín Lake.

The municipality of Zújar has a historic centre that includes a Moorish-style neighbourhood  full off white houses (casas encaladas), some of them are from the XVII century. Another typical thing here are cave houses.

The urban centre extends between the Jabalcón mountain (Cerro Jabalcón) and the Jaufí mountain (Cerro Jaufí) together with a dense meadow, farming remains and traditional settlement.

From the environment that surrounds the Resort it’s worth to distinguish the Monte or Cerro Jabalcón. It’s an isolated hill between the Mountains of Baza (Sierras de Baza) and of Pozo, its’ height is of 1496 meters and it rises as a natural overlook where you can see all of the orographic points of the Baza region and the Plateau of Granada and observe the tops of the mountains of Sierra de María and Sierra Nevada.

Over the last decades the Cerro Jabalcón has been a place of great pleasure for the hikers (there are various paths that you can take) and a meeting point of the fans of gliding flight (with two tracks to take off for hang gliding and paragliding). Its paths are repeatedly conquered by amateurs of tourist cycling and mountain biking which has its highest exponent on the “Cronoescalada” (timed hill climb) that is celebrated on the 12th of August. Over the last few years we can also observe how more and more mountain climbers aim for its rocky cliffs.